What Is It About Celebrities And Designer Perfume?

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Not so long ago, the designer perfumes that adorned high end department store counters were the sole creation of large cosmetic companies. Such brands as Guerlain, Chanel, and Estee Lauder were incredibly popular and celebrities would often be approached by these companies to endorse their brand of designer perfumes. Things have changed in recent years; celebrities are no longer content to simply endorse a cosmetic company’s designer perfume. It is now a status symbol for Hollywood celebrities to own their own line of Cosmetics, designer perfumes, and clothing.

The extent of a celebrity’s involvement can vary greatly in any designer perfume that caries their name. Many celebrities do little more than simply approve the finished product letting professionals carry out the design tasks. Others are very hands on in their approach, becoming very involved in the design concept stage all the way through to how their designer perfume will be marketed.

While many celebrities claim to be involved in nearly every aspect of the creation of their designer perfume, they are not talking about going into a laboratory and mixing different scents like a modern day Dr. Frankenstein. They are talking about taking part in the processes that developed the specific type of scent that they would like to manufacture. They sometimes also contribute to the look and design of the bottle and how their new line of perfume should be marketed.

One celebrity that takes great pride in their involvement of her designer perfume production is Jennifer Lopez. After working behind a cosmetics counter for a time, she had no doubts about the scent that she wanted for her signature fragrance. The slight sake scent that was added the combination of fragrance was actually credited to her by the cosmetics company. Her penchant for jewelry is one of the main reasons she had the bottle designed to include pretend necklace or diamond ring. Due to her involvement in many aspects of the development of her scent, she can be sure that the fragrance is an accurate reflection of her.

You also have other celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, that are not nearly as involved in the design of their perfume. However, Paris has a very large role in how her perfume is marketed. You probably would not even be able to find her perfume at the local discount and drug stores among all of the other fragrances if it were not for her face on the package.

The reaction was not always positive when Hollywood celebrities first began introducing their designer perfumes decades ago. Many critics believed that celebrity perfumes were nothing more than a passing fad. With stars such as Britney Spears and Sarah Jessica Parker joining the growing ranks of celebrity perfume makers, the industry of celebrity designed fragrances is growing at an astounding rate.